Alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters


images alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters

Dahlia arrives and scolds Alessa for her recent behavior - in response, Alessa tells her mother to get away from her. For nine years, Christabella incited her fellow cult members and their children to ostracise, bully and make Alessa's life a living hell everyday. The same tactics apply, save for her increased damage and firing rate. This article's content is marked as Mature. On Claudia's 6th birthday, Alessa gave her a card that stated "I love you as if you were my real sister.

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  • Alessa Gillespie is a major character in the Silent Hill series who debuted in the first Silent Many of the monsters in Silent Hill are manifestations of these horrors. . that Alessa was pregnant with God, something which Revelation retconned.

    Silent Hill. Alessa is the only daughter of Dahlia Gillespie, the presiding priestess of Alessa always drew monsters whenever she was alone and wished for a " nice daddy. The Memory of Alessa (Alessa Gilliespie) in Silent Hill: Revelation. Alessa Gillespie is a fictional character from the Silent Hill movie. She is the daughter of Dahlia Gillespie and the niece of Christabella. Gore and disturbing films · Psychological films · Killer films · Monster films Silent Hill: Revelation.
    The God can only be born through your flesh, and then we will be free from this prison, to cleanse the world of its sins!

    The battle ends with Heather dominating the incarnation of a portion of her past self, and Alessa burning away to nothingness.

    Their relationship was strong, as Alessa thought of Claudia as a "little sister", despite not being directly related. Jodie Mason - Heather Mason - K.

    She spends her days being tormented by her classmates, whose parents believe her to be evil.

    images alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters
    Alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters
    Alessa reaching for Lisa in Cage of Cradle.

    Her astral projection doesn't have any burns. In an act of desperation, Claudia snatched up the fetus and swallowed it, thereby birthing God herself, an occurence which obliterated her.

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    Only Dahlia, Kaufmann, a few members of the Order, and a young nurse working at the hospital knew that Alessa was still alive.

    Heather viewing a painting of Saint Alessa in the Order's chapel.

    How the cast of Silent Hill should really look

    Her burning and extreme suffering caused by her mother's religion, the Orderfor the sake of rebirthing her godserved as a catalyst of the current warped and twisted state of Silent Hill's mysterious spiritual power.

    End Alessa Gillespie's nightmarish pain and to destroy all of Silent Hill The Memory of Alessa/Alessa Gillespie to Heather Mason in Silent Hill: Revelation.

    It is possible that the Mannequin Monster is part of Alessa Gillespie that wants company, since everyone treats her with [Expand] Silent Hill: Revelation 3D. Dark Alessa is a prominent character from the Silent Hill film. She is a supernatural manifestation containing the dark half of Alessa Gillespie's soul and this.
    Gans also confirmed that Roger Avary would be back to write the script.

    images alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters

    Silent Hill 3. Most of them also branded her as a witch who needed to be burnt.

    Alessa seems a little indifferent to Travis throughout the game, even when he helps her continuously, she remains quiet. Claudia began making plans to destroy Alessa so they can escape the alternate reality and succeed in birthing her god.

    images alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters
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    Taking the bait, Harry neutralizes Alessa, only to learn that she was really trying to contain the Otherworld herself with the "Seal of Metatron" which is a talisman that recurs in Silent Hill 3.

    images alessa gillespie silent hill revelation monsters

    It is unknown if this is some remnant of Alessa, Lisa, or something else. Her second defeat will force her to return with a handgun, which is much more dangerous.

    Harry looks at the reincarnation of Alessa and ponders what to do, and eventually decides to carry her with him as he escapes. Jodie names the baby Cheryl and they begin to raise her as their own adopted daughter. In the games, Dahlia is the head of the Order, and was the one who wanted to use Alessa to birth the god, even setting her on fire to do so.