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images ippo wikia takamura

Yagi tells them about it as a pun, "This Isu Naisu! After receiving some advice from Takamura, Ippo keeps getting back up to fight. Debut Fight! Takamura lands a KO punch. First, Kamogawa himself, helps Ippo to focus on his jabs and the one-two technique. Takamura's first down.

  • Mamoru Takamura (鷹村守, Takamura Mamoru) is the deuteragonist in Hajime no Ippo. He is a multi-weight class professional boxer affiliated with the. Takamura Kyōka (鷹村 京香) is the oldest daughter of the Takamura family. Takamura Wataru (鷹村 渡) is the third son of the Takamura family.

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    Kazuhiko Hirano goes flying. Kazuhiko Hirano attacks aggressively. He wants to relinquish the Japanese title. He was so talented that the rest of his team couldn't keep up with him and couldn't catch his passes. Even though his hand gets bruised, the jogger notices Ippo has a very strong punch.

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    images ippo wikia takamura

    The four round match finally begins.

    images ippo wikia takamura
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    images ippo wikia takamura

    Nekota and Yuki leaving. Imai and Itagaki continue to slug it out, but Itagaki doesn't fall and continues to show his determination to the round ends. When a public sparring session commenced in the gym for Ippo's match against the champion Date, Kamogawa conducted Ippo's spar against a fourth ranked boxer from the Philippines.

    images ippo wikia takamura

    Sparring Partner Destroyed.

    Richard Bison grew up somewhere in downtown Detroit, America and as a. Hawks have been a common theme in Takamura's matches, having a costume. Takamura Suguru (鷹村 卓) is the oldest son of the Takamura family. He took.
    In addition, Richard can in-fight effectively, using World-Class feints alongside good technical skill ranging from precise offensive combinations left hook, left uppercut, right hook, left body blow into a right straight to his defensive skills such as sways, ducking, and using Neck Spins when the situation calls for it.

    On the day of the match after round one, Kamogawa told Ippo that his punches are getting to Ozuma and to not show pain in his face. By time, Bison was very shocked to find out that he could beat anyone, continuing through amateur matches, it wasn't just because they were weak, it was him who had the talent.

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    Bear falls down. Start a Wiki.

    Ippo Makunouchi is a shy young man who works with his mother, Hiroko on their fishing boat business while he attends school, so he has no time to hang out with friends.

    images ippo wikia takamura
    The match began, with Kamogawa as Takamura's second.

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    Both boxers receive applause and praise from the audience as they leave the ring. Bear falls down. The day finally arrives and both Ippo and Oda get into the ring with cheering fans all around them.