Ribbon mic overhead placement of girl


images ribbon mic overhead placement of girl

We also recorded her through a Neumann M as a 'control' condenser comparison. It has much of the same character as the R1 Mk2, but with what feels like an extra layer of euphony, presumably from the transformer. Want more information like this? We recorded into Pro Tools at bit, 48 kHz. We kept the mics close together to avoid having a hole in the middle of the perceived stereo field; at higher distances, more space between the mics would be feasible.

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  • Last month we ran through the background of a number of ribbon mics and their Later, Greg Chandler, over at The Priory Studio, recorded a different female .

    Ribbon Mics On Test

    so we positioned them in a fairly traditional overhead position: one mic over the. #23 Comparing different Stereo Overhead Microphone Techniques.

    images ribbon mic overhead placement of girl

    A ribbon mic on certain female singers can be a beautiful thing and. Placing the microphone in a way that doesn't maximize the fullness of the sound drum overheads; AKG C Cello, female vocals, room ambience (stereo version Modern ribbon mics (deliver a warm and vintage sound).
    This was definitely the most charismatically vintage in character of the mics on test.

    And they still take EQ well.

    sE Electronics VR1 & VR2 Ribbons

    This is a great sound. Need to Know. The drum room here at Artisan is a converted cellar with a fairly low ceiling. Music, Etc.

    images ribbon mic overhead placement of girl
    Ribbon mic overhead placement of girl
    On acoustic guitar, the Soundstage Image was very odd-sounding, in that the soundstage was detailed but sounded rather like it had a high-pass filter on it.

    The Royer R has a smooth, natural sound coupled with an impressive frequency response and substantial headroom, making it an excellent option for virtually any sound source, especially guitar amps, drums, brass and other exceptionally loud instruments. With a nice transient response, we felt, on the whole, that it was quite similar to the AEA R84, but a touch clearer and not as soft — and it would make a great crunch mic, or even work as a pair for overheads we only had one, so unfortunately weren't able to put this theory to the test.

    These mics are pretty uniformly fantastic, and you get perhaps more consistency and finesse than seen in any of the Eastern mics, which is down to the no-compromise attitude towards components and higher tolerances — but then, of course, the price-tags reflect this.

    Nice 'old' sound, but quite boxy on distorted guitar. I included a few of the other ribbons, plus a pair of SDCs.

    images ribbon mic overhead placement of girl

    Surprisingly bright, the Coles sounded quite 'hi-fi', with a less obviously rolled-off top than some of the others — quite neutral.

    Ribbon and condenser microphones are the best candidates for the.

    Unlike the previous setups, the two overheads allow for a beautiful. The VR ribbon microphones from sE mark a new era for ribbon mic technology. A VR1 at Electric Lady Studios NYC on a session with John O'Mahoney. "I have other ribbon microphones, and they require - for me, at least - exact placement. I've loved it on lead vocal, violin, drum overhead, guitar cabs, and even in a. Royer Labs Announces R Ribbon Microphone, Sept. The work done at that facility by Royer's craftsmen and women I used a pair to capture stereo drum overheads (using the back side of I used the mic to record both trumpet and trombone during the review period, placing the mic about 12 inches.
    I have used this mic on acoustic guitar, vocals and electric guitar, and as a drum room mic, and it has never failed to impress, even if it hasn't always been the most suitable choice.

    Ribbon Shootout Drum Overheads recording hacks

    The kick drum in the opening phrase is huge and deep, and the hi-hats are really high. The only down side was that it was a little noisy, and therefore not the best mic for recording quiet sources. I used the mics to record a Baldwin upright and again had great results. Priced slightly higher, we thought the active version brought a touch more flattery to the sound of the R1 Mk2, and it also requires a less beefy preamp.

    Review Royer R10 Ribbon Microphone

    Ribbon pair 8. No shortage of high end Forget any beliefs you might have of ribbon microphones being too dark for use as drum overheads.

    Video: Ribbon mic overhead placement of girl How to Listen to a Pair of Overheads: ORTF with Ribbons

    images ribbon mic overhead placement of girl
    He runs Poseidon, a music-production company creating records and music for picture www.

    The clutch on nearly every stand I own, frankly, sucks.

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    If you point microphones inward, it is possible to have a sound source actually located to the left be softer in volume in the left channel, but arrive earlier. Neat trick for a microphone! We loved this mic on acoustic. If you do need to EQ your tracks, no other kind of microphone stands up as well to EQ as a ribbon.